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About the make-up artist Lyudmila Tarakanova

Read this page to learn more about Lydmila Tarakanova, a well-known and talented make-up artist, the creator of LUDOVIK collection of make-up brushes and accessories.

Lyudmila’s victories and creative achievements:

  • Moscow region championship – 2005: 
    • 1st place in Catwalk make-up
    • 1st place in Fantasy make-up, body-art
  • Moscow championship – 2005:
    • 4th place in Fantasy make-up, body-art
  • Russian championship – 2005:
    • 4th place in Catwalk make-up
    • 4th place in Fantasy make-up, body-art
  • Moscow region championship – 2006:
    • 1st place in Catwalk make-up
    • 1st place in Fantasy make-up, body-art
  • Moscow championship – 2006:
    • 1st place and grand prix in Catwalk make-up
    • 1st place and grand prix in Fantasy make-up, body-art
  • European championship – 2006 (Greece)
    • 3rd place in Fantasy make-up, body-art. Bronze medal
  • World championship – (Moscow)
    • 3rd place in Fantasy make-up, body-art. Bronze medal.
  • Judging the Moscow region championship– 2006 for the Governor’s Cup.
  • Judging the Dmitrov championship – 2006.
  • Judging the Moscow region championship “Prostory Podmoskovia – 2007”.
  • Final European cup. European championship in Frankfurt, Germany.
    • 2nd place in Fantasy make-up, body-art. Silver medal.
  • Participation in European championship: The Golden Rose of Paris.
  • Judging the Moscow region championship “Prostory Podmoskovia – 2008”.
  • Training and judging the championship “Nevskie berega-2008”.
  • Training and judging the championship “Moskovskie berega-2008”.
  • Teaching at beauty industry make-up school Atelier in Moscow (2008-2011).
  • Since 2009: permanent trainer and judge of independent championships “Nevskie berega” and “Moskovskie berega”.
  • Teaching independent master classes. Creating an original basic make-up course. 

Lydmila Tarakanova tells her story

I was born in my beautiful loved Dmitrov, in Moscow region, 70 km north of the capital, on 25th October (Scorpio) 1978 (Horse). From the early age I was interested in art and not in science. I went to a children’s art studio, then to art schools of different level. My interest in make-up developed early. As all girls, I explored my mother’s cosmetics. Already then I wanted to take up make-up professionally, but the Soviet country offered no such profession as make-up artist. The closest available was cosmetologist, but this profession required medical training. I felt strong aversion to a medical specialization. The thing did not inspire me, maybe because my mother is a medical professional herself. So I continued studying art, although I had no idea how it could make me closer to my desired profession. Afterwards art studies really helped me. A large amount of my personal programs is based on knowledge obtained in art schools.

My interest in make-up was so strong that when at 12 years old I found a large sum of money near my house (25 rubles altogether), I bought an expensive French cosmetics set that cost 22 rub.! However, for a long time it as just a hobby, a thing I was interested in. I experimented on myself, I helped my friends prepare for a disco, I did everything I could. Until in 1996 Allin Models, a model agency opened in our city. Yes, I have also trained as photomodel and clothes presenter. I did not work in this line, but this education helped me later as well. As a make-up artist, during competitions I could advise my models on how to behave, how to walk or pose. Moreover, as a true woman I used the obtained skills successfully. But the main thing I got thanks to the model agency was an education in color studies, make-up and cosmetology. I am very thankful to my first make-up teacher – Tatiana Konovodova! She introduced me to professional make-up, Dolores magazine, books by Sergienko etc. At last, I had a proper explanation of all the things I saw and felt but could not put together in a system. Everything I guessed, felt and saw thanks to my art studies background, was properly described in the existing textbooks. What is more, I saw photographs of what became my vocation: fantasy make-up! I dived for this topic and made the final decision about my career.

As I studied in Allin Models, with all the photo sessions, catwalks, shows, I began to understand that I like to be on the other side of the camera. It was better for me to do the preparations and the styling, not just to be a model. Later, thanks to Tatiana Konovodova, I acquired my first large set of professional make-up products and started learning to be a make-up artist and working at the same time. It was a fast, an active start. I worked in several directions at once. I got a job in this model agency as administrator, make-up artist for photo sessions and later as make-up trainer. At that time, I also started a business doing make-up at the client’s locations. I also worked at the local TV to get advertisement in return. I did make-up for news people and for advertisement. I later used this experience to create one of my personal programs: make-up for photo and video filming. I learned from my own mistakes and I am now ready to share my experience so that others will not suffer as I did.

For several years I continued working like that, until in 2004 I was hired by Lirondel, one of the best beauty parlors in my city. It was the second significant development in my career. There, I also started taking part in competition. When our hair designers went to the local city competition, I helped with the preparations, with creating the image. At the championship, at the awards ceremony I was happy for their victory as if it were my own. At that moment I finally realized that it was what I wanted. I am a person of championships. I want to take part in them. The championship spirit took me and now it does not let me free.

My first Moscow region championship was in 2005, organized by Natalia Nesterenko, I am very thankful to her. Although she is a hair designer, Natalia really helped me through the preparations. She was my first trainer. During the competition in catwalk make-up I was crying because I was so happy, the tears clouded my eyes and interrupted my work. I could cry even from the thought that I am taking part in such an important championship, competing with make-up artists from all over the region. But it did not keep me from my first victories. At that time I could not even imagine that in a year I will be judging the Moscow region championship in this very building, having secured prizes from larger championships.

In summer 2005 I completed my second basic make-up course. It was the month-long course of Nanara Berezina in Dolores academy. I went studying even though I already was a make-up artist and had participated in the city, region and Moscow championships. I wished to have this course with none other than Nanara. We have already got to know each other on the trainngs for the Moscow championship “Vesenni vernisazh”, and I understood that I had to learn her base. Dolores has several teachers, Nanara gave the basic course rarely. But I was waiting for her to open it. And I am thankful that for a whole month, from morning till evening I studied under her attentive guidance. It was an important and a hard month for me. I studied Monday to Friday, Saturdays I worked in the beauty parlor to keep in touch with my clients, and went to Balashikha where I taught make-up to hair designers in order to pay for my studies in Dolores. This test helped me understand that I am very enduring, goal-oriented and hardworking. It all helped me to perform at various events, at Russian championships and international competitions where I could participate thanks to the support of the beauty parlor manager Irina Alekseevna Repina.

Since 2006 I judge city and region championships. During the 2007 championship I met Dmitri Viktorovich Ershov, the president of “Nevskie Berega” festival. Thanks to him, since 2008 I have been the permanent trainer and judge of the independent championships “Nevskie berega” and “Moskovskie berega”. It was my third significant development. I am very thankful to Dmitri Viktorovich, who was my teacher as well as employer and helped me to re-learn some things.  In summer 2008 I started teaching at a Moscow school. Since 2009, all my spare time is given to teaching and training.


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