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LUDOVIK make-up brushes

All Ludovik brushes are professional. Their bristles are nicely assembled and each one ends with a natural thin tip. When squeezed, any Ludovik brush gathers into one thin tip ending with the longest bristle whichever shape and size the brush is. As a result, cosmetics are applied without any fallout or skin damage.

This feature also makes it possible to control the line weight regardless of the brush size: you can draw a thick line with a flat side or a thin line with the end or the edge of the brush. Bristles of Ludovik brushes are full and tightly packed which is visible when you flex them. Such density allows picking up a good amount of the color and applying it evenly and richly. All the brushes of the line are properly glued at the base which makes them very safe for frequent washing without being afraid of bristle loss.

Ludovik brushes are fitted with convenient ergonomic mid-length handles for better balance. Unlike many other brushes, Ludovik ones are weight-conscious, as the weight of their bristles and ferrule matches the handle’s weight. It means that size, thickness and weight of the handle changes according to the brush size. It helps a make-up artist to focus on the work process without distracting for tool disproportion.

The Ludovik collection is rather wide consisting of more than hundred items.

Brushes for powder, dry skin correction and blush: Nos. 01, 02, 03, 04.

No 01— the largest brush of the collection. Made of squirrel or goat (white and black brown) hair as well as high-quality synthetic hair.

  • Squirrel hair is the softest and the most expensive sort of brush hair. With it the powdering process is actual pleasure and relaxation for a client and comfortable and practical for an artist. The softness and the highest fineness of squirrel hair provide top density for picking up the large amount of powder without falling off.
  • Goat hair is less expensive; it makes brushes stiffer and more elastic. A bristle is thicker, rougher and spongier and is a good alternative for squirrel hair. Despite its higher stiffness, goat hair does not prick because bristles of the brushes are carefully assembled. The structure of that sort of hair has its own benefits – goat hair brushes pick up more of a product and are good for creating denser layers and sculptural and detailed design of face and body make-up. Such brushes are perfect for body art and its bright, rich products.
  • Brushes made of high-quality synthetic hair are very thick due to the thin and slightly crimped fiber. The quantity of hair is bigger than in similar natural brushes. 

Brushes № 01, 02, 03, 04 — made of squirrel or goat (white and black brown)

2s brush – the only big-sized zibeline brush with no equivalent of other brands! An oval brush for tinting.

s2e brush – the largest angle brush, made of raccoon hair. This sort of hair is thicker, rougher and spongier than squirrel hair but smoother than goat hair that makes easer to provide eye-catching and expressive sculpting. Can be used to model and correct both powder and cream products.

Important note: Raccoon hair becomes crimped when soaked so use brush guard for drying.

Nos 31, 32 brushes — for powder sculpting and blush.

№31b – brush for powder sculpting and blush, made of red squirrel hair. Bristles are thicker and spongier than in powder brushes. Squirrel hair provides soft application and light airbrushing. Perfect for fine and delicate designs.

№s32e — angle brush of mixed raccoon hair. Every angle brushes has smooth slant from long to short bristles. Short bristles are for dense application and long ones are for soft airbrushing. Angle brushes only work one way, in the slant direction. They are suitable for professional sculpting and detalization. Raccoon hair is thicker, rougher and spongier than squirrel hair but smoother than goat hair that makes easer to provide eye-catching and expressive sculpting.

Sable hair is one of the popular and commonly used bristle types. They are suitable for most of the tasks. Other manufacturers usually use weasel hair, but Ludovik brushes consist only of genuine sable. These two hair types are quite similar and only a professional is able to see the difference. Sable hair is thinner and more elastic, which means that there are more bristles for the same brush size and, consequently, the brush itself is fuller. It helps to pick up more and deliver softer. Sable hair is the most tolerant one for any texture of cosmetics. It can be used for applying virtually all the products: creams, base, tint, concealers, face paints, lipsticks, eye shadows, etc.  

№: 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 39 — flat sable hair brushes, oval-shaped.

The longer is the hair, the softer is application and easier is airbrushing. Short hair, on the other hand, enable denser application. Such brushes are useful for weighty, bright designs. All flat sable hair brushes have distinctive lateral edge. Whatever the brush’s size and thickness are, you can always draw a crisp line and arrange a complicated graphical pattern.

Round brushes № 56, 55, 53, 52, 16, 21, 38.

Due to the lack of ribs, these brushes are great for soft smudging and blurry designs. This type has a distinctive centre with the longest bristles. It enables an artist to draw a well-defined line with the central bristles and airbrush it thoroughly at the same time, which makes it possible to deepen the colour without definitive marks. Also these brushes perfectly prevent dusting-off, even when it is perpendicular to the skin.

№ 56 — the largest round brush.

№ 16 — a small round brush. Suitable for finer and more precise smudging or colour deepening.

№38 — a sable hair brush. The smallest round brush for pinpointed work and fine colour deepening.

№21 — a round sable hair brush with pointy long tip. Suitable not only for fine eye shadow smudging but also for liquid products, such as liners and face paint.

Angle brushes

№s10s — Professional brush that requires experienced hand. With right hand stance it is possible to apply colour in bold and distinctive line on one side and with smooth smudge on the other with one sweep. Suitable for quick professional works.

№s17, s20 — angle brushes for eyebrows. Made of sable, lynx or synthetic hair. The brush has pointy tip. It’s great for detailing complex geometrical designs with sharp distinctive edges.

Flame-shaped brushes

№19s, 22s — sable hair brushes for lipstick. Their pointy tip and tight base produce distinctive and steady lines. These brushes are meant to be used with cream and liquid products (face paint, supracolour) as well as for eye shadow application.

№ 23 — lipstick brush, convenient to carry around due to its metal body and lid so it does not leave stains in a your handbag or a brush bag. It has tapered form, pointy tip and is tightly packed. Made of sable or synthetic hair.

The Ludovik collection also includes white lynx brushes № 9, 12, 14, 18, 20, 39. Lynx bristle is very stiff, but it is also elastic and smooth. This firm brush has a soft and thin lateral edge.

  • №28, — The thinnest brushes, for lining and fine designs. № 28s — Sable, № 28sc — Synthetics.
  • №42 — Synthetic eyelashes comb. It is conveniently narrow so as to paint the eyelashes thoroughly.
  • №41 — Raccoon fan brush. Average size, for removing (sweeping) shadows fallout.
  • №40 — Large high quality white goat fan brush. The largest and the most beautiful of all.
  • №05kb — Kabuki high quality goat brush . Perfect powder abrasion brush. Also suitable for foundation blending.
  • №06w — Round brush with mixed high quality goat hair and synthetic bristle. For concealer application and blending.
  • №16wk — Round dome-shaped goat brush (bristle length appr. 5 mm). For precise and delicate shadows blending. Makes the colour more intense without sharp borders. Blends denser than squirrel and lighter than sable.
  • №16b — Round dome-shaped squirrel brush (bristle length appr. 5 mm). Used for precise and delicate blending. Makes the colour more intense without sharp borders. Gives the most smooth and delicate covering effect.
  • №33b — Oval squirrel brush. Bristle length appr. 2 сm. A splendid soft brush for application and blending of shadows as well as for creating glinting spot on the face.
  • №34b — Oval squirrel brush. Bristle length appr. 1.2 cm. For delicate application and blending of shadows.
  • №53b — Round dome- shaped squirrel brush (brush length appr. 8 mm). Average brush for shadows blending. Gives the most smooth and delicate covering effect.
  • №53wk — Round dome- shaped goat brush (brush length appr. 8 mm). Average brush for shadows blending. Blends denser than squirrel and lighter than sable.
  • №53s — Round dome- shaped sable brush (brush length appr. 8 mm). Average brush for shadows blending. Gives the most dense blending.
  • №55wk — Round dome- shaped goat brush (brush length appr. 1.8 cm). Blends denser than squirrel and lighter than sable.
  • №55s — Round dome- shaped sable brush (brush length appr. 1.8 cm). Gives the most dense blending.
  • №56 – Largest dome-shaped brush.

Synthetic Ludovik brushes

Synthetic brushes: № 30sc, 11sc, 13sc, 15sc.

This superthin synthetic bristle totally imitates the form of natural uncut hair. Each hair narrows to a fine semitransparent tip. Synthetic brushes are elastic, slick and springy. Use them to apply foundation, concealer, powder, correctors, face paint and lipstick, or for polishing. The brushes are suitable for liquid and oily products. Synthetic bristle is not porous and it is smoother than natural hair, so that such brushes can be used to apply more aggressive products.

  • №13sc — Average brush for oily textures. Suitable for application of corrector, oily shadows, face paint etc.
  • №s17sc — Slanted brush for clear lines, lining, eyebrows.
  • №18sc — Smallest brush for local application of oily products. May be used for pencil blending.
  • №19sc, 22sc, 23sc — Flame-shaped lipstick brushes with narrow tip and a dense head for clear and precise contouring. A perfect fit for liquid and oily textures such as face paint , supracolor etc.
  • №21sc — Round brush that gathers into a fine tip, creating clear and delicate lines. For elaborate details in body and face art.
  • №39sc — Smallest brush for local application of oily products. May be used for pencil blending.

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